Who benefits from Brand Ensemble?

Brand managers

By establishing Brand Ensemble as the go-to source for guidance, brand managers are empowered—liberated from simple requests and routine enforcement, while providing more detailed oversight into the health of your brand.

Marketing team

With a solid foundation of guidance and digital asset management that gives marketers and designers ready access to inspiring content, Brand Ensemble enables your team to create, approve and deploy brand-compliant work in record time.

Agency partners

Brand Ensemble gives agencies the opportunity to contribute to your brand, not just utilize it. Standards and assets are shared with vendors and freelancers as seamlessly as they are with your in-house team, preparing everyone to create great work, not great problems.

External stakeholders

Vendors, the press and other third parties can be a help to your brand, or a hindrance. Brand Ensemble encourages consistency and brand integrity, by providing customized, secure access to trusted groups and individuals outside your organization.

Company executives

Your brand is a vital asset, something to be built and nurtured over time. Brand Ensemble’s built-in tools are designed to enable and inspire your marketing team, helping them grow brand value without breaking the balance sheet.

Trusted by Large Brands for 20+ Years

Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
Travelers Insurance
CFA Institute