What is digital asset management or DAM?

DAM is an industry acronym for Digital Asset Manager, which is a centralized platform tasked with hosting any content that can be stored in digital form. Brand Ensemble is our unique take on DAM. Brand Ensemble stands apart from other DAMs because we’ve layered a series of tools crucial to brand management on top, supplying your marketing and creative teams with the assets and guidance necessary to consistently create on-brand work.

Why do I need a DAM when I could do the same thing with Dropbox or Google Drive?

Having all your assets is one goal, but to foster an understanding of your brand is another—and that means managing assets and knowledge so that they’re useful. Large organizations with the brands to match must supply guidelines, education, tools, and training in order to secure and grow their brand value. Even searching for assets is better served with a custom-built search interface to meet your organization’s needs. Oftentimes, clarification becomes an issue, which makes a self-service solution so great—no more phone calls to provide guidance! It’s all at hand for your team, anytime, anywhere.

Is my business a good fit for a DAM?

We’re not trying to sell you solutions you don’t need. If your company’s brand guidelines are a one-page document and you have few digital assets, chances are Brand Ensemble is not the right fit. We’re happy to suggest alternatives that may better suit your needs. However, if you have multiple locations, business units, agency partners, freelancers, copywriters, and/or hundreds of employees, you’ll truly benefit from investing and using Brand Ensemble.

What is the key benefit of Brand Ensemble DAM?

In short, your organization will have the tools necessary to create a stronger, more consistent brand. Your brand management will be made simpler, its value stronger, and you’ll be a hero in your organization for simplifying everyone’s workday. The people who create the work will save time having everything they need at hand, the people who manage your brand can focus on strategy rather than mundane requests, and executives will enjoy a return on investment with a centralized library of assets you’ll no longer have to recreate or repurchase.

What makes your DAM solution and Tenet Partners stand out?

Tenet Partners provides end-to-end service, meaning we’re not just selling you a system; we are working with you every step of the way. From strategy to launch, the presentation of DAM and brand standards also includes our assistance with naming your portal, information architecture for your guidelines, and layout and design. Our firm, backed by decades of experience in brand strategy, can also jump in to create new guidelines, on-brand assets, and bespoke tools if necessary.

How do I set up a DAM and what is the cost?

The initial setup of a DAM can be very involved, which is why we recommend enlisting our help with a Brand Ensemble solution. The task-focused nature of importing thousands of digital assets and reams of guidelines can be a chore, but we’ve had 20+ years of experience setting these systems up, ensuring success in setting up your platform the way you want.

Costs vary depending on the size of your guidelines and assets, as well as the number of customizations you’d like built-in. However, there are never any user fees, no re-occurring costs, and a team backing the platform that’ll ensure a realization of ROI within the first year of launch. For more information on pricing, please visit our pricing page.

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